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Trails Traffic Flow Map

Thank you for being patient with us through arrival and dismissal as we start this new year! Your cooperation with our procedures increases efficiency and keeps kids safe.  

Things to remember about arrival and dismissal:

Do not start unloading cars until all vehicles are stopped.

All students must exit vehicles from the driver's side.

Do not get out of your car to unload students.

Left lane of traffic must turn left and right lane must turn right.  DO NOT cross over traffic lanes.

Front drop off lanes are for buses, daycare vans, and special needs students only.

Drop off begins at 7:!5. There is no supervision before 7:15.

Car drop off closes at 7:40. After 7:40 students must be escorted to the office and checked in as they are tardy.

PreK students may be dropped off beginning at 7:50. The only exception to this is if they have an older sibling. 

Car rider tags must be  visible for pickup. If you don't have a car tag you will have to pick up through the front office.